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TeensyNet™ Web Front End – The Easy Way

If you are trying to get this software working with a Raspberry Pi Model B+, you need to download this image in order for the B+ to boot properly.

The TeensyNet™ front end software is meant to be run as a series of web pages run on a computer using an AMP (Apache, MySQl, PHP) stack.

One of the simplest, least expensive methods is to setup a LAMP server on a Raspberry Pi, using either my TeensyNet™ 4GB image, TeensyNet™ 8GB image or my TeensyNet™ 16GB image. These are large files, so please allow time for the download.

Simply download the image file, burn it to a SDHC Flash Card of the appropriate size, insert the card into the Raspberry Pi, and apply power.

This image is for a “headless” server, ie, it does not have a GUI, so no monitor or keyboard is required. The Server can be accessed using ssh:

sudo ssh [email protected],local

with the password “teensynet”.

The LAMP server uses DHCP to obtain an IP address on your local network, and Bonjour/Avahi to announce its presence. You should be able to open a browser on your main computer and point it to “http://teensynet.local” to open the TeensyNet™ server. The Main Screen should display after interrogating your local network for attached TeensyNet™ boards: