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Setting up the TeensyNet™ Development Environment

In order to upload new code to the Teensy 3.x device on the TeensyNet™ board, you have to set up a development environment on your computer. The development environment consists, at a minimum, of:

Let’s get started…

Install the Arduino IDE

Download the latest version of the Arduino IDE for the Uno/Leaonardo/Mega2650, etc family, NOT THE YUN / DUE. There are versions available for Windows, MACOS, and Linux. Follow the directions for your computer. If everything gets installed properly, when you start up the Arduino IDE, you should get a window that looks something like this:

Under “File->Prefrences” setup and make a note of your “Sketchbook” location, you’ll need this later. Here’s what mine looks like:

If everything is copacetic, close the Arduino IDE for now, and move on to the next step.

Install TeensyDuino

Download the latest version of Teensyduino for your particular computer. Follow the instructions provided for your Operating System. You’ve already installed the Arduino IDE, so you can skip that step. I always install all of the libraries, to account for future additions and updates.

Install Sketchbook and Libraries

The easiest thing to do is just download everything as a large “zip” file by pressing the “Download Zip” button showm with the red arrow:

Save and unzip the “sketchbook” section into your “sketchbook” location. This loads your sketchbook with the *.ino and library files required to compile the TeensyNet™ program.

Finally, start up your Arduino IDE, and load the “TeensyNet.ino” file. Save it (the Arduino IDE should save it to your sketchbook directory in a separate directory with the directory name “TeensyNet”). Plug in the USB to Micro B cable to the Teensy3.x board, plug the other end into your computer, open the “Tools->Board” selection and select either Teensy3.0 or Teensy3.1. Apply power to the TeensyNet™ board, and press the “Compile” button. If all is well, the Arduino IDE will compile, link and upload the TeensyNet.ino file to your TeensyNet™ board.