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Wireless TeensyNet™ – TP-Link TL-WR703n

Updated 03/27/2014 – For a MUCH simpler solution, check out the TL-WR702n page

If you want to use the TeensyNet™  in a location that doesn’t have a wired connection, and your router is capable of wireless operation, you may want to consider this solution.

TP-Link offers several small wireless routers that can be configured as a wireless client, including the TL-WR703N and The TL-MR3020.

I picked up several of the TL-WR703N devices from an ebay dealer for about $30 each, shipping included.

One caveat, the devices are loaded with a configuration display that in Chinese:

Fortunately, there is a solution. The English language software for the TL-MR3020 also runs on the TL-WR703N, so it’s possible to flash the TL-MR3020 software into the TL-WR703N, and have a workable solution.

WARNING!!! If these instructions are not followed precisely, it’s possible to brick the TL-WR703N!! TeensyNet™ assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by using these instructions!! This procedure should be run on a computer that can easily removed from the local LAN, and can change its IP address, as there are several default addresses that must be accessed, which may cause collisions/problems on your local LAN.

First download the TL-MR3020 image file located here . You should also download the latest update file located here .

Unzip the file and save it.

Remove your computer from the local LAN, and set the IP address to, and plug the TL-WR703N into the computer’s ethernet jack and apply power to the TL-WR703N .

Open a web browser on your computer, and go to . The main screen shown above should appear. Follow the steps shown in the picture below:

After Step 4, the “OK to install” should appear:

Press “OK”,  then leave the system alone until the process completes. This should take between 3-5 minutes.


Once the process has completed, restart the device by recycling the power to the device. Set your computer’s IP address to . On your web browser, goto . The following message should appear:

The User Name  and Password are both “Admin”. The new page should look like this:

Your MAC address will differ from the one on the screen. Now go to the bottom of the selections on the left, and click on “System Tools” and then “Firmware Upgrade” and the following screen should appear:

Use “Choose File” to select the upgrade file you downloaded and unzipped from TP-Link, then press the “Upgrade” button. This window will appear, letting you know that the upgrade will require a reboot. Just press “OK”.

After the device reboots, go back to “System Tools” and select “Working Mode”. When the screen appears, select “Enable Software Switch” and then “Standard AP”,  and press “Save”. If the device asks to reboot, press “OK”, otherwise go to the next step.

The last thing to do is set your wireless settings.

Select the “Wireless” tab and Enter your wireless router’s SSID and MAC address. If you aren’t sure press the “Survey” button, and the TL-WR703N will attempt to discover it. Once you’ve filled in the information, press “Save”:

Once the SSID and MAC address are set, press the “Wireless Security” Tab and select your security mode (you should at least be using WPA2), and enter the appropriate information, and press “Save”.

Once that’s done, it’s time to reboot the TL-WR703N and test it. Go to the “System Tools” page, select “Reboot” and “Yes”. The TL-WR703N shout reboot. In the meantime, set your computer’s IP address mode to DHCP. When the TL-WR703N is finished rebooting, it should connect to your wireless router, and allow your computer to access the Internet.

The TL-WR703N is now ready to connect your TeensyNet™ to your network.