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TeensyNet™ Board – Version 14

I have a limited number of  TeensyNet V14 bare or populated boards available for purchase. 

Contact me for details


The TeensyNet™ Board Version 14 is my latest iteration. It includes many changes:

  • The Teensy3.1 board is now used exclusively, mainly due to the amount of FLASH ROM and RAM required to run the latest version of the TennsyNet™ software
  • The second I2C channel available on the Teensy3.1 board is now available, allowing another 255 I2C devices to be accessed
  • Debug messages can now be directed to either the USB Serial Monitor available in the Teensyduino IDE, or vial the Serial2 (FTDI) pins, using a USB to Serial TTL converter cable. This option is switchable on the fly
  • LED Status indicators and test points have been added
  • Hardware STOP and RESET inputs have been added

Here’s a photo of the bare board:

In order to take full advantage of the Teensy3.1, the inner signal pads on the bottom of the Teensy3.1 must be brought out to pins. This is accomplished by following the instructions here.

The board is currently available from OSHPark, and Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards. The Gerber files are also available at my github site. A breakdown of costs is here.