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I’ve been working with a 7″ Graphical LCD (GLCD), and have created a board that uses the Teensy3.1 board to control the GLCD and act as either an I2C or 1-wire slave. Here’s a video of the GLCD running as a 1-wire slave, and being controlled by a TeensyNet board running a 1-wire Master Test program:


Here’s a screenshot of the board:

The Eagle board files, Gerber Files for three of the board Houses I’ve used and test code is available from my github site.

I’ve also included the teensy3.1 eagle library file I’ve created to use with the TeensyGLCD board. This library braeks out all available pins, including the reset pin, which has been moved to a test point on the bottom of the Teensy3.1 board.

I’ve created a technique for breaking out all of the pins, and also allows the Teensy3.1 to be socketed.