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DS2762 K-type Thermocouple Sensor Board

This is a very small board that uses the DS2762 chip as a 1-wire K-type thermocouple reader:

The two capacitors are 0.1uf, and the resistor is 1K.

Some caveats:

Since we are dealing with microvolt variations, noise is a problem. This board has ground plane pours on both sides of the board to help alleviate this, but it may be necessary to put a small (.001uf to .1uf) capacitor in parallel with the thermocouple. It also helps if the thermocouple leads are a twisted pair.

This probably won’t work with a grounded thermocouple. It also seems to work better with better quality thermocouples. Some that I bought off eBay were very erratic.

Right now, the thermocouple only registers down to 0 degrees celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), any value below that just comes back as 0 degrees C. The upper temp range is 1024 degrees C, but I haven’t tested it at anywhere near that range.

Let me know how it works for you if anyone builds one, you can order the board from OSHPark