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TeensyNet Development has halted for the foreseeable future.

This site will be available for reference only.

Thanks for your interest in this project.

The TeensyNet™ is a custom P.C. board that uses the Teensy 3.2 and the WIZ820io to create a networked 1-wire controller.

The TeensyNet™ can monitor temperature, and control devices remotely.

Numerous 1-Wire® devices can be monitored and controlled, including DS18B20 Digital Thermometers, DS2406 Digital Switches, DS2762 1-Wire® Battery Monitor used as a K-Type Thermocouple Monitor, the MAX31850 Cold-Junction Compensated, 1-Wire® Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter, a MAX31855 Digital K-type Thermocouple on a custom board emulating a 1-Wire® device,  a 7″ Graphical LCD 1-Wire® slave, and a 4×20 LCD 1-Wire® slave.

The TeensyNet™ is a board containing the Teensy 3.2, the WIZ820io, a Microchip 24LC512s and buffer circuitry to allow communication with 1-Wire® and I2C devices.

The WIZ820io provides connectivity with your local area network (LAN). On power-up, the TeensyNet™ will attempt to connect to your LAN using DHCP. Once connected, the TeensyNet™ will broadcast its location on the LAN using Zeroconf.

The TeensyNet™ can be monitored / controlled from any LAN-connected computer by means of UDP. The standard method is to have an AMP ( (A)pache2, (M)ySQL, (P)HP or (P)ython or (P)erl ) stack installed on the computer, using a web browser. AMP stacks are available for Windows, MAC OSX, and Linux.

The Linux version of the LAMP stack will easily install and run on any recent computer using a Linux variant including the Raspberry Pi®, BeagleBone Black, Udoo, and others.

Mutiple TeensyNet™ boards can be attached to the LAN and controlled by one or more host computers.

The TeensyNet™ project is open source, as the board design and associated software is available from my github account.

Pre-made blank P.C. boards are available for order from OSHPark.

The TeensyNet™ will communicate with and control all boards available for the TeensyPi™, such as the Action Combo Board, the DS2762 Thermocouple Sensor Board, HD44780-compatible LCD I2C-controlled cards and others.

Future additions include wireless connectivity, and new 1-Wire® devices as they become available.